Chronic Fatigue and Osteopathy

It is important to note that osteopaths treat more than just back pain, sore muscles, or any combination thereof. As a matter of fact, since they are afforded alternative health status in many medical communities, they are sometimes the last ditch approach for those who have not been helped by the regular medical establishment.

Patients dealing with chronic fatigue not necessarily the syndrome, but more than likely a nonstop sense of tiredness also find their ways to the offices of a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) or an osteopathic practitioner without the medical degree.


Chronic fatigue may stem from a wide variety of factors, some of which are external, some that may be considered internal, and then some that present a mix, such as lifestyle choices and also food choices the patient makes.

Since osteopaths take a whole body approach to medicine, there is a very good chance that this practitioner can help you get to the root of the problem and will not have to resort to the prescription of uppers and downers. Osteopathy and chronic fatigue are virtually made for one another.

Taking Stock

You osteopath most likely will begin with a basic examination of your body to ensure that there is not an underlying pain that is keeping your body from getting the rest it needs.

Even if you get a full eight hours worth of sleep, there is a good chance that the quality of your sleep is adversely impacted if your body is not able to properly rest because of pain. In some cases it is a compression of the spinal cord that leads to the less than perfect position your body finds during sleep, which will then rob it of the sleeps quality.

Your osteopath is also concerned with your overall emotional health. As such she or he might venture to discuss your current social life and family history. There is a chance that you might need a psychological evaluation or a means of dealing with stress factors in your home life.

Even if you do not actually wish to seek out the help of a psychologist in order to put your home life in order, the fact that something in that area of your life may be harming your ability to sleep is a very important bit of information to have. It will serve you well to know what is adversely affecting your overall help and to have the professional reinforcement that you need to deal with it.

Finally, your osteopathic practitioner is going to ask a lot of questions about your nutritional intake, your choices of foods and drinks for snacks, the spacing of your meals, and even your nutritional supplementation.

There are virtually daily discoveries of fatigue inducing problems related directly to nutritional factors, and osteopaths are always on the lookout for such information well before they may enter the mainstream awareness of the general public. An osteopath is most likely the best professional who can help you deal with chronic fatigue and also overcome the issue.