Chronic Fatigue Help

The prolonged exhaustion and tiredness that accompanies chronic fatigue syndrome can affect an individuals quality of life tremendously and they may find themselves altering their day-to-day life in order to cope with the disease they are suffering from.

It is not an enviable disorder by any means and not one that is easy to live with on a consistent basis. The good news is that there are ways to manage chronic fatigue syndrome so a person is able to live as good a life as they (hopefully) did before the disease first set in.

Body Awareness

It is essential that you take the time to get to know your body. Take note of how your body feels on a regular basis and learn to look and listen for signs that your body is not functioning to its optimum best.

Keep in mind that you care more about your health and how well your body works than does anyone else, and therefore it is not only important to take care of yourself but also if you are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, to learn all you can about the disease including its possible causes, symptoms, and methods of treatments.

Knowledge is definitely power in this case so educating yourself is essential if you are going to play a significant role in your treatment and recovery. As well the communication you have with your physician in regard to CFS will be a great deal smoother if you understand the disease as thoroughly as you possibly can and can contribute to the discussions regarding your treatments.

The Little Things

It is sometimes the smallest things that make the biggest difference when it comes to managing chronic fatigue syndrome. First of all research the disease as completely as you can. There is more than one way to do research and the more ways you utilize the more armed you will be with the information you need. Visit your local library and look up books, journals and any other publications that have to do with chronic fatigue syndrome.

If your doctors office doesnt have any informational pamphlets then check at the library and even at pharmacies and/or the health section of the grocery store.

The Internet can be a valuable source of information just make sure that you are visiting a reputable site and also a site that has current and up to date information. If you can spare the money you also might want to subscribe to publications that can give you the latest research studies and findings that are related to CFS.

Helpful Organizations

There are not for profit patient advocacy organizations that are always open to accepting new members and can provide plenty of beneficial information to those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. These organizations often send out free newsletters to their members via e-mail.

Local support groups are also a good idea as not only will they provide you with plenty of information but also you can talk with others who are in the same situation as yourself and can provide plenty of support and encouragement.

Always take charge of your health as well as your treatment options and make sure you make a concentrated effort to eat nutritiously and follow an exercise regimen. Learn to re-evaluate your priorities on a weekly or monthly basis and alter them as required.

Try to keep a positive attitude if you suffer from CFS and laugh as often as you can. Always make an effort to take your life one day at a time and try not to let the days that are not as good to not get you down too much.