Chronic Bulimia Consequences

Bulimia is one of the most commonly talked about eating disorders. Individuals that are afflicted with the disorder tend to eat large meals that can be upwards of thousands of calories, which they then purge through one of many methods. Most commonly, bulimics purge their bodies of the nutritional value of food by inducing vomiting. Other bulimics may employ the use of laxatives in order to move the food through their body faster, lessening its nutritional value.

The disorder most commonly occurs in women, who may become afflicted when they are overly worried about their self image. Sadly, in this day and age, the media portrays extremely thin women as sexual beings, and it can cause trauma to girls who are trying to fit into unrealistic expectations. Some women who come down with a case of bulimia are already faced with a problem regarding their self esteem and their body image, which can cause them to seek attention through losing more and more weight.

One in 7

Studies have shown that nearly one out of every seven college-aged women have a problem with bulimia, making it clearly the most prevalent eating disorder in society today. In this article, well talk about some of the consequences that chronic bulimia can have on ones health so that you can see exactly how serious the disorder can be.

When the body isnt getting the type of nutrition that it needs, there can be many consequences as the body tries its hardest to keep operating normally. The mind can suffer through depression and anxiety when bulimia is present, and a low self-image often pervades.

One side-effect that is common in women with the disorder is a lack of menstrual period. The period may occur at irregular times, and may even stop occurring at all. The purging that occurs when one has bulimia can cause many dental problems as the regurgitation of stomach acids can wreak havoc upon the mouth.

Dental Problems

Cavities and erosion of tooth enamel are common in those with bulimia, with gum disease being another possible side effect. One of the most deadly aspects of bulimia is what it can do to the human heart. An irregular heartbeat may begin to take place, and heart failure or low blood pressure can be a result of bulimia. Ulcers may occur in the stomach, and the stomach may rupture.

Bulimics can become anemic, and many face dehydration due to the lack of fluids present in their bodies. Intestinal health may also suffer, and constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping may take place in those with the disorder.

If you know someone who is facing a problem with bulimia, its important to show your concern for their health. Be kind and compassionate when speaking with them, and be sure not to talk down to them, as shame and guilt may intensify the problem. Most bulimics can only be aided by the help of a counselor or a doctor, so you should do your best to convince a friend with the problem that they should look into the idea.