Before Taking a Cholesterol Lowering Drug

Being in good health is at the top of everyones list however, what do we do about getting and staying in good shape depends from person to person. Information is available on any health issue you may have in mind as well as regular check ups are indicated in order to be in control of your own state of health.

What Cholesterol is and why it is so Important

Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty like substance that our body needs in order to produce a number of hormones and cell membrane. There are two types of cholesterol and they are, good and bad cholesterol. While the good cholesterol is responsible for the proper functioning of our body, the bad cholesterol will cause you heart related diseases such as coronary heart attack.

Controlling Your Cholesterol

In order to be able to control cholesterol you need to know what are the right levels you should opt for in the first place and here they are: the good cholesterol should be a minimum of 40mg/dL or more and bad cholesterol not over 200mg/dL. Cholesterol is not calculated depending on your body weight through if your body weight is over the normal levels you may be at risk of high bad cholesterol levels.

You are able to purchase a cholesterol lowering drug over the counter, and then there are some that can only be administered through a prescription by an authorized physician due to their side effects. However, it is highly recommended that before you even consider taking any type of cholesterol lowering drug that you consult your physician so that they can help you to decide on which cholesterol lowering drug is best for you.

Other Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

Besides taking a cholesterol lowering drug you should know that there are other ways that can help you to lower your cholesterol; you can improve your cholesterol levels by eating right and the way to achieve that is to pay attention at everything you eat even at the in between meals snacks.

Trans and saturated fats are the main culprits that will raise your bad cholesterol and they are usually clearly marked on any package label. Also look for cholesterol markings as well and try to avoid as much as possible eating foods that consists it especially if you are on a treatment of a cholesterol lowering drug.

Most foods that we eat everyday contain cholesterol such as, poultry, meats, eggs, butter and milk. The trick to eat all those items and still keep your cholesterol levels low is to minimize your quantities. Once you require taking a cholesterol lowering drug, you need to watch your diet closer and take necessary measures not to reach in an emergency situation.