5 Fashion Tips from Chiropractors

If you are like the average American, you take pride in your how you look and work like a demon to show yourself in the best light on a daily basis. Unfortunately, its easy to make fashion choices that negatively impact your overall health.

Chiropractors advise their patients in lifestyle areas as well as work their bodies, and many a chiropractic patient leaves their session with a new understanding of the dangers lurking in simple accessories as high heeled shoes and fashionable hand bags.

1. Loose Clothes

First and foremost, the fad that dictates tight clothing is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Overly tight clothes affect the way you move and this in turn will affect your gait and posture two very important aspects of musculoskeletal health. Avoid tight fitting clothes in favor of clothes that come in your size.

2. Flat Heels

High heels might be fashionable, but they seriously impair your spinal health. Considering that wearing high heals causes your spine to curve forward while at the same time tilting up your pelvis and altering your center of gravity, it does not take a medical school graduate to tell you that this cannot be a good idea.

Nonetheless, your doctor of chiropractics urges you to stay away from such shoes and instead suggests that you pick comfortable flat shoes which come in just as many pretty varieties.

3. Wallets in the Coat

Men who like to carry their wallets in their back pockets need to be aware of the fact that sitting on a wallet all day will cause not only discomfort but also negatively affect the muscles that come in direct contact with this wallet. When trying to compensate for the discomfort, many a man is seen squirming or sitting in such a manner as to negatively impact the lower back. Chiropractors suggest that men should remove their wallets prior to sitting down.

4. Backpack Ettiquette

Backpacks should be worn on your backs and not slung over your shoulder. If you must carry a purse slung over one shoulder, change sides frequently. The same is true if you are carrying an attaché case. Even if it is not heavy, the frequent switching of sides will help to counteract the fact that your shoulder does tilt forward when you are carrying an object thusly.

5. Listen to Your Body

Last but not least, get in tune with your body. You body will tell you if something you are wearing or carrying is causing discomfort, which if ignored will result in back pain and misaligned vertebrae.

So you can see there are several ways of leading a healthier life. If you are not sure about a certain pair or shoes or purse, bring them to your chiropractor, and listen to her or his “fashion advice”.

photo by Steve Hopson – CreativeCommons Attribution