Childhood Allergies

Kids and allergies just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately the kids will get the raw end of the deal when it comes to allergies. Parents will try just about any over-the-counter medication in the search for relieving the allergy symptoms without putting their child to sleep. Two non-sedating over-the-counter (OTC) medications that fit the bill are Claritin and Alavert.

Older kids who suffer from allergies can pretty much use the same allergy medications that the adults do, namely, Allegra, Clarinex, and Zyrtec. Older kids can also use steroid nasal sprays, including Flonase, Rhinocort Aqua and Nasonex.


Babies are tougher to come up with allergy solutions for as their bodies are simply too small for the allergy preparations. Clarinex and Zyrtec are both available in syrup form that has been approved for kids that are over 6 months of age. Claritin is also available as a chewable tablet for kids who are into flavorful chewables.

It is vitally important to control the environment as much as possible when your child has allergies. Especially if your child has moderate to severe allergies items that come into contact with your child’s skin need to be free of dyes, scents and any chemicals that will be irritating. It is also important to rid your home of any inhaled irritants such as bottle of bleach.

If you can get your child to accept a nasal spray, Nasonex and Veramyst are both now approved for use in children that are over age 2.

Older Children

If you have an older child that is not able to swallow a pill, do not worry they can take the same liquid medication that younger kids take for allergies, just ask the doctor to adjust the dosage for the weight of your child.

As helpful as medications have been proven to be avoiding allergens in the home and while outside is still a vital part of keeping allergies and your child separate.


If your child is allergic to pet dander and you already have a pet there are a few things you can do to still save the situation.

Make sure that the pet is not allowed into the childs bedroom

Have the child wash his/her hands as soon as they are done petting or playing with the pet.

Use Allerpet or other products made to reduce the amount of dander on the pet.

Make sure that you dust hardwood floors and damp mop all hardwood floors to pick up any dust.

Avoid using any scented products or harsh chemicals for household cleaning products. This step alone can greatly reduce your childs allergy symptoms. When your child comes in from playing outside make sure that you have him/her take a bath or shower (if old enough) and wash the hair to also remove pollens from the entire body from head to toe. Change clothes to fresh ones and your child will have less allergic symptoms.

You wont be able to avoid the allergens in the world, but you can help to tame the ones that are present in your childs world.