Childbirth Pain Management


Many techniques have been stressed to help relieve the rigors of labor pains. Medications can be given to help pain. There are several options available as well. You can take the quick fix and get a nice shot of something in the arm. Most of these types of drugs only take the edge off but still allow the mom to stay in control and coherent.

Intravenous drugs and epidurals are also available and allow the mom to rest in a more pain free way, but can make you feel a bit woozy and have a harder time controlling your thoughts and reactions if pain is detected. Another and widely used option is the epidural. This will allow you to feel nothing from the waist down and be perfectly coherent and happy through labor.

Many women prefer laboring in a pain free state and find that they are less tired and able to be awake more after the birth. But dont bank on this, many complain that since they cant feel the urge to push they take longer to push and exhaust themselves or end up with a medically assisted birth or C-section.

Breathing Techniques

First things first, use your breathing techniques and focus items you learned about in your childbirth classes. These are designed to make you focus on a particular way of breathing or item to refocus your brain on something other than the contraction. While a contraction is happening focusing on this other distraction can be quite effective.

You may also want to have some acupressure or massage applied to your back at this time as well. Many women will focus on their coach or partner and breathe together for the duration of the contraction. Breathing techniques are great to use in early labor when contractions aren’t too bad yet.

Combinations of breathing and other types of distraction or method may need to be used as labor intensifies. Many women bring pictures or items that they designated as focal item to help keep them focused on something during contractions. Other women find closing their eyes and just breathing works for them. Do what is best for you.

Water Delivery

It is common in hospitals and birthing facilities to offer labor and delivery in water-based forms. This is an excellent option for relieving some of the pain associated with labor and delivery. There are several ways that a birthing ball can be used in water-assisted labor.

It is up to the mother to decide which is best for her, but standing, sitting and squatting are some of the most common methods used. Usually it helps for the mother to focus her energy on the water as the contractions come. This offers an internal focus as well as a physical one. The warm water is soothing to the mother and can offer some relief from the physical pain that she is feeling.

Some women find that the jets in the tub are a distraction from the pain and are helpful while others find that the jets make their pain worse. Therefore, it is important to do what is comfortable to you. For a more intimate experience, some mothers like for their partner to actually be in the tub with them. This is also a way for the partner to easily massage and soothe the mother.

Use Your Gut Feel

Your instincts will guide you through the labor and delivery process. Walking is an excellent way to help labor along. When walking, you may experience a contraction. If this happens, you can ease the pain by moving to a squatting position and breathing through the contraction.

Usually this is an effective way to handle the contraction. The holding back of the pushing sensation during labor is what makes it painful. Therefore, squatting and grunting is a good way to relieve the feeling of needing to push.

Vocalizing your pain is an excellent way to deal with it. Many times you see this dramatized on television, but in reality, we try and hold back our emotions when they are overwhelming.

It is important to know that yelling, grunting and making a scene are often a great way to relieve the stress and pain of the contraction. While you are yelling, you may find that placing pressure on something else will help to ease the pressure inside yourself. Grab onto a bed rail or whatever is in reach, and push hard.