Chemical Peel Stretch Marks Treatments

Among the many treatment options available to reduce the visibility of unsightly stretch marks, the most commonly chosen is the chemical peel. Generally speaking, a chemical peel with give your skin a much rejuvenated look by smoothing out the texture, evening the skin tone, and removing many of the surface blemishes that may currently may have you looking and feeling older than your years.

These chemical peels are easily available via the Internet or even the grocery store, yet care must be taken when administering such a treatment! In simplest terms, the goal of a chemical peel is little more than irritate the surface of the skin to such an extent that it will blister and peel off, revealing a healthier looking underlying layer.

While this works well in theory, there are several problems associated with this process, some of which result from allergic reactions while other come about due to user error. Most commonly the latter happens when chemical peels are done without letting an adequate amount of time pass in between the applications of the skin irritant.

Stretch mark sufferers have realized that they may quite possibly benefit from a visible lightening and fading of the unsightly blemishes with the help of such chemical peels, and the most commonly used products are as follows:

    The use of alpha hydroxyl acidic compounds. Most famous for its ability to smooth out the texture of the skin and even make rough skin look and feel smooth to the touch, alpha hydroxy acids are most commonly sought after by acne sufferers, those who wish to undo sun damage, and those who have light stretch marks. In the latter case this substance may yield quite amazing results!

    Those with deeper stretch marks and more visible blemishes may opt for trichloroacetic acid which reaches deeper into the skin than alpha hydroxyl acids can. An increase in the compounds concentration will determine just how deep the peel will go, yet be cautious! Even though some home kits may be found on the ‘Net, the fact that if done without proper medical supervision this kind of peel can cause severe and irreversible scarring should have you think twice before thinking of going it alone. In addition to the foregoing, this treatment is only temporary and you will most likely have to repeat it at specific intervals to maintain the skin changes you will see as a result.

    Croton oil contained in phenol is the deepest chemical peel you will be able to purchase. The results are stunning, to say the least, and follow up treatments are usually not required until several years and possibly decades later. Even deep wrinkles may be smoothed with this substance yet while this may make it sound like the panacea for stretch marks, it is important to recognize that with such effectiveness there are also greater risks. For example, your facial skin will permanently lighten. This is not a problem if you have a light skin tone, but if you are darker skinned, there will be a marked difference between the skin of you neck, back and chest than that of your face. Healing will take months, and the newly revealed skin will be highly susceptible to extreme and painful sunburn.

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