Cervical Neck Traction

If you are constantly suffering from episodes of neck and upper back pain, a cervical neck traction device is exactly what you need. The advanced features of this device make it perfect for experiencing long-lasting relief from mild to severe cases of neck pain. If you are sitting behind computers day after day and you do not have enough time for exercise, a traction device will be a breath of fresh air.

What is Neck Traction?

Neck traction is the particular technique of applying force to the affected areas of the body. It effectively reduces paravertebral spasms by stretching contracted soft tissues and separating facet joint surfaces in the body.

This technique is usually utilized in clinics or hospitals. In some situations, this device is occasionally used together with digital imaging in order to make sure that the spine is not destabilized.

According to scientific studies, cervical traction must be done in a constant manner in order to tire the muscles and let the strain fall on the joints. After two minutes of sustained traction, intervertebral spaces will begin to loosen up and widen. Intervertebral separation is usually achieved by applying between twenty to fifty pounds of force on the affected areas.

How Does the Device Work?

The pinched nerves in your neck causes severe episodes of neck pain. Painful shoulders, arms, and upper backs caused by turning or tilting the head in a particular direction are most likely due to the presence of pinched nerves in the neck.

Starting neck pain treatments at home is already possible. Traction devices can be used to experience long-term relief from neck pain, nerve root compression and muscle spasms.

Special traction devices for the neck possess several features. They weigh more than 75 pounds and they provide sufficient traction by inflating air tube chambers with hand pumps. Their automatic designs and lightweight features make them perfect for neck pain treatments at home.

Traction devices can also efficiently support your head and your neck. With their bio-magnetic features, users can improve their blood’s circulation while experiencing the healing power of natural traction treatments.

Numerous benefits can be experienced with the constant use of neck traction devices. They improve the flow of blood to your neck muscles, ligaments and tendons. They can also reduce your susceptibility to certain inflammatory chemicals that can cause intense muscle pain and irritation.

Traction devices are also very easy to use. Technological advancements have already led to the development of user-friendly traction devices that can be worn while performing minor tasks. They are also fully adjustable and they can apply either gentle or more force to your contracted neck joints.

Now that you already know more about cervical neck traction devices, you can use them to experience continuous therapy for your sore muscles and joints.

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