Cervical Cancer Statistics

Cervical cancer is a problem that affects many women throughout the world. Tragically, many cases of cervical cancer could be prevented by taking the appropriate preventative measures. In this article, well help to illustrate exactly how hard cervical cancer hits the world by measuring some statistics regarding the disease.

– Doctors have conducted studies that have weighed a persons life expectancy when they are at various stages in the disease. Individuals that are at stage IA of the disease often have a five-year survival rate of roughly 95 percent. As the disease progresses, however, the five-year survival rates of individuals that are affected lowers significantly.

During stage IIIA or IIIB, survival rates are placed at roughly 47 to 50 percent for five years. For the last stage of the disease, Stage IV, the unfortunate five-year rate of survival rests at a mere 20 to 30 percent. This clearly illustrates how important it is to ensure that you get pap tested regularly in order to cut the problem off at the pass.

– Studies have also been conducted that have shown around how many women will die as a result of cervical cancer per year. For the current year at the writing of this article, 2007, statistics show that roughly 3,670 women will die in the United States as a result of the disease. The same studies show that approximately 11,150 women will find that they have a case of invasive cervical cancer in 2007.

– Invasive cervical cancer is the type of cancer that can develop to a large degree and attack the body. Carcinoma in situ, a type of cervical cancer that is non-invasive, is actually diagnosed at a rate of roughly four to one in comparison to invasive forms of cervical cancer.

– Age is one factor that plays into your risks of developing cervical cancer. Studies have shown that approximately half of all diagnoses of cervical cancer occur for women who are between the ages of thirty five and fifty five. Women who are under the age of twenty have been shown to be very unlikely to develop the disease. Seniors are at a definite risk for developing the disease, with twenty percent of all cases being diagnosed in women that are over the age of sixty five.

– Since we are learning more and more about the disease, the chances that you can survive a bout with cervical cancer are on the rise. The rate of deaths from cervical cancer tends to drop approximately four percent per year on average, a great sign that gives us much hope for the future when it comes to eliminating the problems caused by cervical cancer.