Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical cancer is a type of disease that is the number eight cancer killer of women in America. The public’s knowledge regarding the disease is nowhere near as prevalent as it should be, and many women may contract the disease without even knowing how they did so. In this article, we’ll attempt to help you to be able to recognize the things that you can do that can help you to prevent cervical cancer from affecting you.
Cervical cancer is one of the few types of cancer that women are encouraged to be tested for on a regular basis. That is due to the fact that many of the cases of cervical cancer that exist in society today are due to a virus known as the human papilloma virus.

Types of HPV

There are several different strains of the virus, and some are harmless, merely causing warts to appear on the fingers or feet. Certain strains, however, can result in a case of genital warts, which can be a precursor to cervical cancer for women. To that end, if you are a woman who has engaged in sexual behavior, you should visit your doctor at least once every two years in order to have a pap test done. This test will check the composition of the cells located on and around your cervix so that doctors will be able to detect any pre-cancerous cells that are developing.

Safe Sex

The best way of preventing cervical cancer is to ensure that you engage in safe sexual practices and avoid any kinds of sexual activity that may expose you to the human papilloma virus. Luckily, these days, medical advancements are on the way that will make it quite hard for women to develop a case of cervical cancer. Two different vaccines have been created that work to help womens bodies to successfully defend against the human papilloma virus, rendering them immune to it and drastically decreasing the risk of cervical cancer.

Dont Smoke

Another thing that you can do as a woman in order to help to defend yourself against the risk of cervical cancer is to avoid smoking cigarettes at all costs. Smoking increases your risks of developing cervical cancer, as well as several other different types of health problems, including heart disease and emphysema.
The birth control pill has also been shown to increase a womans risk of developing cervical cancer if used for over five years, which is another fact to consider when weighing exactly how at risk you are for developing the disease.

To safeguard your body against cervical cancer, you may also want to make sure that you have a healthy diet that contains plenty of vitamins and minerals in order to help your body to operate as healthy as it can.
In this article, weve attempted to help you to learn some of the most prevalent contributors to a risk of developing cervical cancer. The more that you learn about the disease, the safer you will be from it. Be sure to have a pap test at least once every two years if you have engaged in sexual activity in order to be sure that you are safe and sound.