Cervical Cancer Dysplasia Treatment

There are modern medical treatments some stages of HPV, Dysplasia, and cervical cancer. However there might not be a cure. As such we will look at the condition from hpv to cervical cancer and explore the treatments sometimes utilized for these conditions.

What are the stages?

They are;

    * HPV – human papillomavirus infection
    * Dysplasia
    * Cervical Cancer

We will first look at HPV

There is no modern medical cure for HPV and as such there is no recommendation for the treatment of most hpv infections. Conversely, if there are visible signs such as lesions or warts that are caused by some of the forms of HPV then these symptoms can be treated. Also of there is an abnormal pap smear then a watchful eye is kept but might not initiate treatment but might result in further exams.

There is no known modern medicine as in drug or antibiotic that is known to destroy or kill hpv. The body seems to be good at fighting the condition however. There are some treatments that are usually applied to abnormal tissue, lesions, and warts.

They are:

    * removing the tissue with a wire called LEEP
    * freezing the tissue to destroy it
    * Surgery
    * Drugs (sometimes) for external genital warts

However, with HPV, even thought the tissue might be gone that was noticeably affected; the virus can still remain in the surrounding areas and tissues. This disease seems to be only treatable at the symptomatic level.


As the condition changes and has progressed to what is called dysplasia a watchful stance is taken during the early stages. If there is no change for the better then several methods are usually employed to remove the offending tissue.

They are:

    * freezing
    * Laser removal
    * Surgery

These techniques can be very uncomfortable. There are usually no medications used to treat dysplasia.


If a there is a precancerous condition several factors will determine the method of treatment. The lesions will be graded as either high or low. There will be the following factors included in the final determination.

They are:

    * The age of the person
    * The persons general health
    * A persons desire to bear children

That being said, if the condition is graded as low then further treatment might not be applied if a biopsy removed the abnormal area. And if the pap smear can help to monitor the area.

Cervical Cancer

Once the condition is determined to be cervical cancer then again the treatment choice will be determined by a couple of factors.

They are:

    * The location of the abnormality
    * The extent or progress of the diseased tissue
    * Persons general health
    * The persons age
    * Other factors might be involved as well

In most cases the choice will be to perform surgery. This surgery might include additional radiation treatments. There are a few other methods that might be employed.

Such as:

    * The use of chemotherapy
    * using biological therapy

There is often more than one method used depending on the extent of the damage to the cervix. Medical Doctors sometimes decide on a combination of treatments. It is best to utilize preventative measures and maintain a vigil that included routine pap tests to detect abnormal cells that might lead to cervical cancer.

Once cervical cancer is established it can spread to surrounding tissues and other parts of the body. Thus possibly requiring a full removal of the uterus or radiation treatment or chemotherapy to help eradicate the spreading cancer cells.

Take up a watchful stance with these conditions. Most to of the time the worst of it can be prevented. Once Hpv invades ands sets your body up for dysplasia you are at great risk for cancer. Dont let such a preventable cancer such as cervical cancer get a hold on you prevent it with regular medical checkups.

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