How Celebrity Moms Lose Weight

One issue that many women face is losing weight after they have a baby. It is so easy to put the weight on during pregnancy and difficult to regain your figure after the baby is born. How do Celebrity moms lose the weight after they have their babies?

There are different diets and exercise programs that celebrity moms have used to lose weight after their babies. Celebrity moms like Heather Mills, Keri Russell, Brooke Burke, Heidi Klum, and Jamie Pressly.

Vegan Diet

Heather Mills is a former model that follows a vegan diet. She stays in shape by dancing, doing yoga and Pilates. She also trains on a bike and does weight training. She worksout when the baby sleeps. Her workouts give her the energy she needs to make it through the day. She travels a lot so where she works out changes and she also has various trainers that she uses depending on where she is.

Low Carb Diet

Keri Russell lost her baby weight amazingly fast after she had her son. Keri always starts her day with fruit to get her body revved up. She believes that the fruit detoxifies her system. She eats high protein, low carb and low fat meals for lunch and dinner. She exercises by doing yoga first thing in the morning and speed walking on a treadmill twice a day. Keri also credits breast-feeding for part of her weight loss. Keri also did walking with her new baby.

Brooke Burke looked amazing 6 months after having her daughter in 2007. She did it by exercising 3 times a week hiking and doing Pilates. She follows a low-carb diet.

Heidi Klum

Super Model, Heidi Klum follows David Kirsch’s diet plan, a low calorie and low carbohydrate diet to lose weight after her baby. She also follows David Kirsch’s workout, which includes light stretching, jumping jacks, shadowboxing, squats, lunges and thrusts, benches step-ups and pushups. Heidi believes in eating in moderation, resting when she can and did not start exercising until six weeks after the birth of her baby. She doesn’t like to workout but knows that it is good for her body to do so.

Jaime Pressly was very motivated to lose weight after her baby was born. She used a 7-day detox plan in which she ate cabbage soup and veggies with a potato and grilled chicken by day 6. She currently is on a strict protein diet and eats between 4 and 6 mini-meals each day. She works out with her trainer for 3 hours, 5 times a week doing a mix of cardio and core work that includes pushups and sit-ups.

Other than having personal trainers celebrity moms basically do what other moms do and that is to try to eat sensible diets, some are low carb or high in protein and they all do one form of exercise or another to get back into shape.