Celebrity Diet Tips Secrets

Leave it to the female celebrities to know how to stay slim without breaking a sweat. Who wants to suffer while maintaining a body to die for? These tips are those that actresses follow in order to stay slim without feeling like they have to give up anything to do it.

One trick is to know which foods are beneficial to losing weight and which foods are your body’s best friend. An example is asparagus in that, it is a natural diuretic. Eat asparagus to help decrease the bloat.

Cookie Diet

One diet that is actually a little insane is called The Cookie Diet. You basically eat up to four cookies in place of eating breakfast and lunch and then eat a healthy dinner that is between 600 and 900 calories. Celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, swear by this diet.

Beverages are every bit as important as food when it comes to losing weight. If you drink a lot of diet sodas you should know that they could be adding to your weight problem. Your coffee can give you a quick sweet fix without the calories if you watch what you put in your coffee.

Never use artificial sweeteners in your coffee, use real sugar instead and also use unsweetened almond or Soya milk instead of regular milk. If you need to curb a sweet craving and boost your metabolism at the same time try some Matcha green tea.

One cup of matcha green tea is like drinking 3 to 10 cups of green tea. Did you know that drinking dandelion tea could help if you have a water retention problem, as it is a natural diuretic?

Low Carbs

Most celebrities swear that they stop eating carbs around 3 or 5 p.m. in order to keep slim.

One tip that most people should be able to implement rather easily is to increase your water consumption. Just changing from drinking eight-8oz glasses of water a day to drinking up to 100 ounces of water a day can help to boost your energy level, curb your appetite and help you to feel full longer, which reduces in-between meal snacking.

When an individual eats a carbohydrate snack they can easily increase their energy only to crash some time later. In order to increase your energy slowly over the day and not crash a good tip is to mix some protein in with your carbs such as adding nuts or fish to help your energy level stay consistent throughout the day.

Fruits and vegetables not only fill you up because of the fiber content but they are loaded with water, which your body craves. Make sure you have a minimum of six servings of fruits and vegetables of varying colors each day.

Top Photo by Alan Light