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Sleep Tracking Apps Inaccurate On Assesment Of Childrens’ Sleep

As much as 40 percent of children are experiencing a variety of sleep problems, and parents are now turning to specialized gadgets and smartphone apps. But can your smartphone really help you get a good night’s sleep? And are these new devices’ information accurately reflecting children’s rest? That has not yet been determined. Pediatricians are […]

Oxytocin And Alcohol Have Similar Behavioural Effects

Oxytocin is a neuropeptide hormone produced in the hypothalamus and secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. It has long been established as playing a significant role in childbirth and maternal bonding. More recently it has been identified as a brain chemical with a key role in determining our social interactions and our reactions to romantic […]

Metabolomes Of Different Brain Regions Measured

The metabolic profiles, or metabolomes, of different brain regions, have been successfully measured by researchers at the University of Luxembourg. The findings could help scientists better understand neurodegenerative diseases. The metabolome represents all or at least a large part of the metabolites in a given tissue, and therfore gives a snapshot of its physiology. Study […]

Sleep Apnea, Heavy Snoring May Signal Earlier Cognitive Decline

Sleep apnea and heavy snoring may be linked to memory and thinking decline at an earlier age, according to a new study. But treating the disorders with a breathing machine may delay the decline, the research also suggests. According to study author Ricardo Osorio, MD, with the NYU Langone Medical Center: “Abnormal breathing patterns during […]