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How Does The Brain Recognize Faces From Minimal Information?

How does your brain recognize objects within milliseconds, even if it only gets rudimentary visual information? Researchers believe that reliable and fast recognition works because the brain is constantly making predictions about objects in the field of view and is comparing these with incoming information. Only if mismatches occur in this process do higher areas […]

How Humans Navigate By Smell

Similar to desert ants or homing pigeons, people have a sense of navigation which lets us use our sense of smell to identify things, and also to get around. Our brains are wired to convert smells into spatial information, say researchers. While humans may lack the scent-tracking sophistication of, for example, a search-and-rescue dog, we […]

Social Phobia Linked To Excess Serotonin Levels, Study Says

People with social anxiety disorder or social phobia have low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, previous studies have suggested. But a new study from Uppsala University researchers shows that the situation is actually the opposite. Individuals with social phobia in fact make too much serotonin. And the more serotonin they produce, the more anxious they […]

Recognition Of Speech From Brain Activity

Speech is produced in the human cerebral cortex. Brain waves associated with speech processes can be directly recorded with electrodes located on the surface of the cortex. Rsearchers from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Wadsworth Center have now shown that is possible to reconstruct basic units, words, and complete sentences of continuous speech from these […]

Post-concussion Depression And Anxiety Linked To Brain Injury Patterns

Distinct injury patterns in the brains of people with concussion-related depression and anxiety, have been found, according to a new MRI study. Researchers said the findings may lead the way to improved treatment and understanding of these common disorders. For those among the nearly 3.8 million people in the United States who suffer concussions every […]