The presence of cellular features consistent with an immune response targeting specialized brain cells in more than two thirds of autistic brains analyzed postmortem is reported in a new paper[1]. These cellular characteristics — not previously observed in autism — lend critical new insight into autism’s origins and could pave the way to improved diagnosis… Read more

Although most of us can distinguish between and remember hundreds of different faces, some people are better at it than others. “Super-recognisers” can accurately identify faces even when they have only seen them briefly previously. At the other extreme, “developmental prosopagnosics” are significantly impaired at recognising faces in many everyday situations. For the majority of… Read more

An association between paracetamol intake and hyperactivity and attention problems has been identified in a new study. The research investigated if there were any effects of taking paracetamol in mid-pregnancy and the behaviour of the offspring between the ages of 6 month and 11 years, with memory and IQ tested up until the age of… Read more

For the first time, a study has pinpointed regions of the genome associated with left-handedness in the general population, and linked their effects with brain architecture. The study[1], led by researchers at the University of Oxford, linked these genetic differences with the connections between areas of the brain related to language. It was already known… Read more