Research across many years and many cultures has found around 35-40% of people say they feel insecure in their adult relationships. While 60-65% experience secure, loving and satisfying relationships. How secure or insecure we are with our romantic partners depends, in part, on how we bonded with our parents at a young age. From the… Read more

One day in February 2017, Michel Cadotte, 58, walked into his wife’s room at the long-term care institution where she was living to feed her lunch, a daily ritual for him. Jocelyne Lizotte, 60, his wife of 19 years, had battled Alzheimer’s disease for the past decade. But that day, as Globalnews.ca wrote: He cried… Read more

There is no shortage of research on what helps create, support and maintain a healthy intimate relationship, and how the individuals involved perceive them. A new study, led by Ursula Athenstaedt from the University of Graz, takes a different crack at the subject. The study[1] investigates how people look back on their former relationships subsequent… Read more

Evidence that psychological problems such as depression and anxiety increase risk for dementia later in life is growing. These problems, known as affective disorders, as well as poor cognitive function are, of course, not unusual in older adulthood. After age 70, for example, it has been estimated that the both lower mood and poor cognition… Read more

Psychologist Michele Gelfand has long been curious about conflicts and how we might negotiate our way out of them. She’s especially intrigued by the psychological desire to retaliate — and the fact that this urge is so often contagious. People not involved in the original conflict may sometimes feel like taking revenge for the harm… Read more