Carpal Tunnel Treatments

There are many different types of repetitive strain injuries. This classification of injury is caused by an overuse of a particular joint or muscle, resulting in a degenerative condition that may need surgery to be treated. In this article, well focus on a specific form of repetitive strain injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem that is associated with the pinching of a key nerve in the wrists. When the nerve is damaged, the full range of motion of the wrist is unable to be obtained. Those who are afflicted with a case of carpal tunnel disorder experience varying symptoms, but more often than not, a feeling of burning is experienced within the wrist. Sometimes those with carpal tunnel syndrome also experience tingling or numbness within the wrist. In this article, well talk about the types of treatments that are available when it comes to getting over a case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Timing is Key

As soon as a case of carpal tunnel syndrome is diagnosed, treatment should begin. If the carpal tunnel syndrome is aggravated by a case of diabetes or a case of arthritis, you should speak to a doctor in order to address those concerns first. After those concerns are addressed, the first order of business is limiting the amount of motion your wrist experiences.


Doctors generally prescribe at least two weeks of rest for the afflicted wrists. Inflammation of the affected wrists may be lessened by the use of an ice pack. Additionally, anti-inflammatory drugs are often used to treat the inflammation associated with the affliction. Various non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs may be useful in lessening the swelling and inflammation, including drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

These types of medications can help to lessen the pain for a short period of time; in order to reduce the inflammation for a long period of time, diuretics, or water pills may be prescribed. For more advanced cases of inflammation, corticosteroids may be injected into the affected wrists.


Some doctors recommend the consumption of vitamin B6 in order to decrease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. If drugs and rest have been helpful in eliminating the symptoms, an exercise program may be prescribed in order to strengthen the ligaments of the wrist. In order to obtain an exercise program for carpal tunnel syndrome, you may want to speak to a qualified physical therapist.


Advanced cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may merit surgery. However, the surgeries for the problem are minor and are, in fact, among the most common surgical procedures in America. While there are different types of surgeries that may be employed, they all are performed under general anesthetic, allowing for the surgery to be an outpatient procedure.

Incisions are made on or around the wrist in order to help release the pressure that is placed on the nerve. The carpal ligament is cut in order to release some of the stress within the wrist. After undergoing these types of surgeries, most patients make a quick and complete recovery.