A Career in Massage Therapy

There is so much to love about a career in massage therapy that its no surprise to learn that in the period from 1999 to 2005, the number of therapists in the U.S. grew from 24,000 to over 100,000.

Ask a therapist why they chose to do what they do and youll come up with a comprehensive list of reasons. Some may say that they chose not to study for a more formal degree, either because they felt exhausted from study throughout school, or because their financial situation meant it would not be possible. Others may tell you that they simply love working with people and helping them to overcome their daily stresses. Whatever the reason, youll usually find that people who have chosen a career in massage therapy are very glad that they did.

Flexibility and freedom

Being self-employed is a huge incentive for many people. While some prefer the comfort and security of working for a boss, a good chunk of the population enjoys the freedom and flexibility of being able to work their own hours, and the reward of seeing their business grow and prosper. A career in massage therapy allows people to work at all hours of the day, if they choose, meet a variety of clients, charge fees according to skills and ongoing education and employ others to help cater to a growing clientele.

Live a lifestyle

Lifestyle is a major factor in self-employment. Loving ones job is one of the most frequently cited desires across the workforce and its no secret that there are a great many people who do not. A career in massage therapy can take a person from a suburban clinic to a mobile service that offers treatment in hotels and homes, to a cruise ship, resorts, day spas and health retreats. Imagine doing your work with the ocean and a bright blue sky as a backdrop.

Happy clientele

When you have a career in massage therapy, you get to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of your clients. They may come to you stressed and/or in pain, but they will likely leave feeling a great deal better about their bodies and their aches and pains. As a massage therapist and depending on the field in which you work, you may alleviate pain, increase mobility, relieve stress, pamper and treat or simply be there for a person who needs some downtime in their frantic life. Dealing with people who truly value your services and to be paid for it can only be a good thing.

Help people

If you are the type who enjoys helping people, but would prefer not to cut toenails, empty bedpans or give injections, then a career in massage therapy can offer the rewards youre looking for, without the elements that might discourage you. Massage therapists help their clients by listening to them, and by providing quality services. As a therapist, you can even become a teacher by helping instruct parents on how to massage their own child to reduce pain and alleviate symptoms during illnesses and following injuries.

Move around

Whether you offer a mobile service visiting people in their homes, offices or hotels, or you pack up and move interstate or to another country, a career in massage therapy means never having to be tied down. Instead of working between the same four walls each and every day, you can drive between clients in the same town, meeting new people and assembling your portable table in a variety of settings. Take an overseas working vacation and do stints at spa resorts wherever you go. What better way is there to see the world and also work with clients who have only relaxation in mind?

Earning potential

No more minimum wage for you. For the most part, when you have a career in massage therapy, you should have greater earning potential, especially if you have your own business. Some massage therapists can name their price, particularly if they are working with high profile clients or in ritzy resorts.

So if youre wondering what to do when you leave school, or looking for something new to do with your life, consider a career in massage therapy and reap the rewards.

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