Find a California Massage Therapy School

In the health conscious state of California, massage therapy is a favored form of treatment for aches, pains and general wellbeing. Often, sufferers will try something ‘alternative before seeking advice from an MD because sometimes, the cause for what ails a person is stress.

California is a fast-paced state, with more cars per capita than anywhere else in the country. Stress is a common complaint and massage can be an excellent way of remedying the physical manifestations of stress. For these reasons, California massage therapy schools abound and there are many who specialize in particular treatments.

San Francisco

The National Holistic Institute in San Francisco offers nationally accredited programs that see 80% of its graduates find employment in the massage field. Choose from over 125 subjects including hot stone, neuromuscular, shiatsu/acupressure, Swedish and sports massages, and also benefit from tuition in business-building and client assessment and interview techniques.

This is an excellent all-rounder California massage therapy school, which prides itself on its facilities and its employment rate. It employs specialized educators and offers affordable payment plans to students.

Long Beach

If youre looking for an emphasis on massage in healthcare, then Long Beachs National Institute of Technology is a massage therapy school that offers comprehensive education for those who would like to work in a variety of healthcare settings. Combining academic knowledge, clinical skills, manual dexterity and technical expertise, their program stretches over three quarters and equips students with the information, ethics and tools that will assist them to begin practicing as a massage therapist.

Students will receive broad training on biology and medical terminology whilst learning sports massage, traumatology, fitness, nutrition and more.


Pasadenas Hands on Healing Institute is a massage therapy school where students are guided to aim to bring peace, compassion, tranquility and understanding into the lives of clients. It focuses on healing, both physically and spiritually and offers a basic course as well as more advanced electives. From energy healing, aromatherapy, spa facials, chair massage and lymphatic drainage massage, through to trigger point therapy, crystal therapy and deep tissue massage, the school attracts students keen to learn a wide range of tools to help their clients.

Redwood Valley

For those looking for a California massage therapy school that will enhance their own spirituality and physical wellbeing, but not necessarily looking for formal qualifications, the Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced Healing Arts could be just the thing. Located in Redwood Valley, it is more a health retreat than a school.

For personalized training, six to ten students can take courses at any one time and enjoy tranquil surroundings and healthy goods during their in-residence training. The center also offers five state-licensed certification programs designed to help students develop their intuitive rapport with others while learning integrative whole body healing techniques.

Incorporating hypnosis, water re-birthing and energy medicine training, Mendocino has plenty to offer to those looking for a spirituality-based massage therapy school.

San Diego

An 8 month diploma program in Massage Therapy is offered at Remington College in San Diego. Students are taught skills that will enable them to qualify as entry-level Massage Therapists and will receive certification upon graduation from the 32-week course.

California massage therapy schools differ greatly in terms of the courses offered, duration of courses, styles of teaching and of course, costs. What is for sure is that there is no shortage of schools that will cater to students choice of massage and healing styles, and the above are just four examples. For institutes in closer proximity, listings abound on the Internet and provide comprehensive information about the courses offered.