Burn Fat, Build-Muscle Workouts

One of the best ways to burn fat is to build muscle mass through constant workouts. Muscles burn calories and people with bigger or above-average muscle mass can burn more calories than most everyone else, even when they are just resting. To burn fat, build-muscle workouts are one of the most effective routes a dedicated weight-loss disciple can take. There is a difference between trying to lose weight through dieting and through muscle-building. When you undertake a diet, you can lose weight without losing much fat, only water and muscle. When you build your muscles, you lose weight because your muscles burn calories as well as fat.

You may be exercising or simply just lounging on a chair or watching TV, your muscles will continue to burn calories. Theoretically, if you have enough muscles, you can naturally shed off even the biggest meals in no time because your muscles will burn all those calories. That’s why, for many people who want to burn fat, build-muscle workout are the ideal approach.

Lose Fat, Preserve Muscle

Most burn-fat, build-muscle workouts involve regularly lifting weights and other strength-oriented calisthenics such as push-ups and sit-ups. There are several venues where you can find the ideal burn-fat, build muscle workout for you. But that’s only half the battle. With this kind of strenuous activity, it is also important to maintain sufficient protein intake of about "0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight for adults," according to the National Academy of Sciences’ recommended Dietary Reference Intake for protein.

The more strenuous your burn-fat build-muscle workout, the more protein you need. However, it is important to monitor your protein levels because there are also health risks involved in excessive protein intake. The American Health Association warns that taking too much protein can lead to kidney and liver complications as well as increase the risk factor for heart disease.

Medical practitioners are quick to point out, however, that there is no conclusive evidence that indicates that healthy individuals face any grave dangers due to moderately high protein diets. All evidence indicates that high protein diets are dangerous to those who already suffer from liver and kidney problems.

Long-Term Consistency is Key

Finally, it is important to consider the exercises that go into your regular burn-fat, build-muscle workouts with an eye towards long-term consistency. It is fine to put together a regimen that includes aerobic exercises with body-building and strength exercises. However, one of the biggest mistakes that many exercise buffs make in this regard is when they overload their regimens by regularly increasing the intensity of their exercises, either by lifting heavier weights, running longer distances or working out for longer periods of time. Eventually, this will lead to over-exertion and the body’s need for more recovery time, less days of training and fewer calories burned and fat lost. It is far better to find the ideal level for you and maintain long-term consistency.