Bremelanotide Impotence Treatment

Impotence is a medical problem that can cause a man to feel quite low. Its a condition that limits the ability to function sexually, which can cause men to feel depressed, embarrassed, and even angry. To that end, those with the problem often do their best to look for a solution for which they can solve the problem quickly and easily.

While there are some proven medical options out there which have shown to have much clinical merit when it comes to treating the problems associated with erectile dysfunction, many men choose to opt for alternative forms of therapy for various reasons. In this article, well examine a less-commonly used method of achieving the goal of conquering impotence. Well discuss what the treatment promises to perform, as well as some of the controversies that surround the method.

New Appication

One of the types of treatment at the forefront of impotence cures that are not clinically tested is a substance that is known by the name of bremelanotide. Its an odd type of treatment for erectile dysfunction, as it is not applied in a conventional method. In addition to promising to help men with erectile dysfunction to overcome their problems, the drug promises to be useful for females as well when it comes to helping to increase their sex drive.

Where most types of medications for erectile dysfunction work by helping to increase the amount of blood flow to the penis in one way or another, the creators of bremelanotide state that the substance is a synthetic aphrodisiac that can help men to achieve an erection without any intervention with regards to the bodys blood flow. Where most medications that are used for impotence are taken orally or as suppositories, bremelanotide is administered via the use of a nasal spray. The drug was discovered by accident, as it was being tested for its merits when it comes to sunless tanning.

When being tested and reviewed, the test subjects were found to have an increased sexual drive and spontaneous erections were found to occur in a full eighty percent of the male test subjects. The researchers were stunned by this revelation, and while they were disappointed to discover that the compound was not at all helpful when it comes to tanning, they found themselves poised to be the next player in a huge market striving for better cures for problems with impotence.

Palatin Technologies

The drug was created by Palatin Technologies, who are working towards getting the drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is currently undergoing its Phase III clinical testing, meaning that it may be available to help men to deal with their impotence problem within little time.

Palatin Technologies have since partnered with King Pharmaceuticals in order to properly market the drug to its potential customers, heralding a new era for those who wish to treat their impotence problem without affecting their bodys blood flow.Since the drug has not been completely approved yet, its important not to jump the gun about bremelanotides efficiency. While it seems to be of merit, one can never be too sure until the drug has been properly subjected to the numerous tests and guidelines imposed by the FDA.