Equipment Needed for Breastfeeding

Youve no doubt heard it said that the milk that comes from the mother is best for babies. Thats because the milk that comes out has just the right concentration of fat, water, protein and sugar needed in the first few months of an infants development. It also contains antibodies which protect the infant from harmful bacteria and viruses and helps defend against disease and infection.

A mother should begin breastfeeding the child for the first 6 months after the baby is born. This can continue on for about a one year or until such time that the mother thinks that other liquids can already be given. This can begin a few days after giving birth as long as there are no problems with the baby and the mother.

You will know that the baby is getting the right amount of milk every time the infant is being fed by keeping track of the number of times the baby needs to be changed. Initial breastfeeding gives out milk on low volumes but are high in nutrients. During this time, the baby will have to be changed a maximum of two times a day. As the supply of milk increases, changing the baby can happen up to 6 times in a day and normalize to around 3 or 4 later on.

Breastfeeding may not be for everybody since some mothers feel uncomfortable with it. This does not mean it is still impossible to do so since one can still do this with an aid of a breast pump that can cost from $50 to $200. This depends on the kind the person wants to buy and if it is done either manually or electronically.

Choosing a breast pump depends on the lifestyle of the mother. If she only plans on going shopping for a few hours leaving the baby at home, then it is ok to just get a manual pump. However if the mother decides to go to work immediately after giving birth leaving the baby alone for a long time then it is easier to have an electronic one.

Breastfeeding equipment can be bought in a baby specialty store, the department store or from the hospital. It can also be rented if that person does not want to buy one.

Using a pump to extract milk instead of giving it from the breast of the mother is perfectly all right since the infant is still able to get the right amount of nutrients for the babys growth and development. Solid foods can only be combined with breastfeeding using the pump or from the breast as the baby gets bigger.

You mustnt give the baby supplements such as water or any other liquid during this time since this could interfere with the milk that is introduced to the infant. The first few months in the babys development is very crucial so it is important to consult often with the paediatrician regarding the health and the weight of the infant.

Breastfeeding has many benefits. It helps the mother lose weight that was gained prior to pregnancy. This gives time for the uterus of the mother to return back to its original size and stops the bleeding that usually happens after giving birth. This also reduces the risk of cancer occurring either in the breast or in the ovaries.