Breast Feeding and Back Pain

As a new mother, you’re probably going to be excited about breast feeding your baby. Unfortunately what many new moms don’t realise is that they are prone to back pain whilse nursing their baby, especially if they dont have the right posture.

If you suffered from back pain while pregnant, its probable you will suffer from back pain when breastfeeding your new baby; however all is not lost, there are a few tips to keep in mind for keeping your back in good shape.

A good supportive chair is indispensable. It sounds an obvious thing to say, but how comfortable and supportive the chair you are planning to use to breast feed your baby is makes a lot of difference. If it’s not supporting your posture correctly, think about putting some pillows behind your back to let you to sit straighter and improve your posture.

Bring your baby towards your breast rather than straining your back by bending over him. When you take up this bent over type of posture, over time, the ligaments in your back will become strained, and damage can be done to them which may even become permanent.

Try using a platform rocker or a glider chair with arm supports to breastfeed your baby. These can be bought from any store which sells baby furniture and can end up becoming an essential piece of equipment in your nursery. It takes the pressure away from your back whilst letting your arms rest when holding your baby.

Try using a footrest whilst breastfeeding; pick up a small footstool at a garage sale or used furniture store. When you sit with your feet and legs raised, not only does it rest them, but it also automatically positions your body backwards so your back is straighter and firmly resting against the back of the chair. Again this improves your posture and so decreases the chances of you succumbing to back pain.

Breast feeding should be a pleasurable experience for both you and your baby, if you are in discomfort or pain; this is going to communicate itself to your baby who may become fussy or distressed.

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