Breast Augmentation Surgery

Trying to improve the shape and size of certain of your body is sometimes a concern for women. One of the common changes women will consider is the size and shape of the breasts. If you are not happy with the looks of your breasts, you may consider getting a breast augmentation. This allows you to have a larger size breast and allow you more confidence in the way you look.

The breasts are made up of connective tissue as well as glands used to produce milk. Most of the tissue in the breast area is made of fat. When someone decides to get a breast augmentation, they will be adding an implant to the area to make the breast fuller. This implant will be placed behind the tissue that is already there, but in front of the pectoral muscle that is found underneath the breast.


If you decide to have breast augmentation, you will need to have a thorough breast exam. Surgery may be ruled out if there are various complications in the breast area. The day of surgery, you will be placed under anesthesia to reduce the pain through the procedure. Usually, a breast augmentation does not take more than one or two hours.


After you are under the anesthesia, doctors will make a cut in one of the locations on your breast. This will vary according to the body shape and will be different for every woman. A surgeon will place the incision so it wont be seen after the expansion. Usually, a cut will be made underneath the lower breast area, nipple or on the armpit. These various areas will all work effectively when receiving breast augmentation for cosmetic surgery.

After the incisions are made, doctors will take the implant and place it in one of two places. Some surgeries will place the implant underneath the breast tissue only, while others will take part of the pectoral muscle and put it in front of the augmentation. With either of these procedures, it will give the breast a fuller figure. Before your procedure, you will be able to tell the surgeon how much bigger you would like your breasts to be, which will allow them to use the right implant and put it in the right place.

Follow Up

After the breast augmentation is done, you will need some time to heal from the procedure. It is important to not strain this area as it can cause problems with the healing. There may be a scar in the area where the incision was made, however, it will fade after a year and should not cause any cosmetic problems.

There are several who will decide to get a breast augmentation. These are known to be good for changing the shape and look of your breast, allowing you to look and feel better about this area of your body. Before you decide to get a breast augmentation, it is important to look at the procedure as well as the results to make sure it is the right surgery for you.