Learning how to body scan in Reiki is usually taught in Level II of the Reiki training. This body scanning is an opening of the third eye chakra in order to see energies that are in need of being unblocked from the body. If you are practicing Reiki, there are several different techniques that you can use when learning how to body scan.

The first thing that one will learn how to do with body scanning is how to find certain auras. These are energy fields that are located throughout a persons body. When one is in need of healing, they may find that there is part of an aura that is a hole or a dark spot in the body.

When one is starting out, they can find these energies by placing someone in front of a white wall and change the way in which you look at them. Once you are practiced at this, you will be able to spot the energies easier. There are also several machines that are now able to show someones aura.

Hand Scanning

Many will also practice body scanning through the use of their hands. You can sweep your hands across your own or someones body. Over time, you will learn to recognize where the energy is and where it is blocked. Sometimes, the energies will contrast so much that you will be able to find areas on the body that carry a different temperature than the rest of the body. These temperature differences indicate a block of energy.

Pendulums are another common method for body scanning. You can move a pendulum up and down a body. It will show areas where the energy is off by not keeping the same tempo throughout the body. The pendulum should move in different directions between the different chakras. When the pendulum does not move in a circular motion, but vertically instead, it shows that there is a problem with the energy in that area.

Body Energy

Body scanning will cause you to be able to notice different energy flows by the changes in energy from either your own body or from someone else. Heat and coolness is the most often sensed change in energies.

There are also sometimes occurrences of tingling, electric shocks, pulses, or pulling sensations. All of these energy changes will show you where the bodys energies are off and will show you what to do in order to change the energy flow with universal energy.

Once you find the problem spots with energy flow, you can move closer to that area. From here, you will be able to pull in the universal energies and use them to remove the blockage. After you have finished removing this blockage, you can re-scan the area where there were problems in order to make sure that it is balance with the rest of the energy.

By knowing how to body scan, one can easily become a part of the Reiki healing process and be able to heal others. Scanning a body is one of the important techniques that are used with Reiki. While there are no set ways to find energy blocks, all of them will help to rebalance and allow for energy flow to move through ones body.

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