Body Movements to Reduce Stress

Feeling a little stressed over something at work, or a relationship issue, or perhaps you are stressed over a looming deadline? We all feel stress from time to time. Learning little techniques to relieve our muscles and relax our minds can help us to easily and quickly deal with stress issues. The next time you start to feel stressed try to remember these simple tips:

Body Movements:

Your body is an amazing tool that not only holds in your organs it allows you to move internally and externally. Making a few simple movements during times of stress can help to relax the tension in your muscles.


You can do something quick while sitting at your desk at work or while folding laundry at home that can help to relieve the stress you are feeling. Simply shrug your shoulders by raising them to your ears and then relaxing them. Doing this a few times relaxes muscles and releases tension.

You can also change your posture. Instead of slouching forward, sit up straight with your back straight and holding your abdominal muscles in do a few deep breaths in and out, slowly.

Changing your position totally is another way to reduce tension. If you are sitting for long periods of time during the day; take time to get up and walk around. Stretch your arms over your head and to your sides. Bend over and touch your toes a few times.

Stretching before exercising to warm your muscles also relaxes them and loosens them so that you can avoid injury. When stretching, never do so to the point of feeling pain, only until you feel a slight pull or tightening. If you stretch too far or too much you can overextend your muscles causing sprains and strains.

Don’t forget to laugh:

Laughter is a wonderful way to reduce the stress in your life. Take time to watch your favorite comedy on TV, or catch a cinema with a friend; don’t forget to pick a humorous one to see.

Your mouth can move in marvelous ways to reduce tension and stress. You can smile while watching kids play at the local park, or while looking through family photo albums.

Tai Chi and Yoga:

Two oriental methods of body movement that can be used to reduced stress are: Tai Chi and Yoga.

Tai Chi is based on Taoism, which is an ancient form of martial art, used in the Chinese belief system. The practice involves slow, graceful movements and rhythmic breathing. It can help to decrease your blood pressure, increase your muscle tone, flexibility and stamina.

It improves your posture; balance and muscle mass over time and can give strength to those who have become weakened by age or illness.

Yoga involves posturing and breathing technique. This practice is from India and the word “yoga” means union. Yoga is a series of slow movements that are done along with meditation and breathing exercises. Doing these things together allows you to reach a state of relaxation.

Yoga can help you to reduce stress, decrease levels of pain experienced through chronic disease, helps to relieve headaches and the inability to sleep. Athletes have used yoga to improve their stamina and cancer patients have used it to improve their quality of life.

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