Blood Test For Crohns Disease

Crohns disease is an ongoing disorder that causes inflammation in the digestive track. It can be discovered through taking a blood test for Crohns disease but it does not have a known cure. It can affect any area of the intestinal tract and can be severely painful for the sufferer, causing extreme pain and inflammation throughout the digestive system and creating multiple problems as a result.

It is an inflammatory bowel disease and can be difficult to diagnose because of its similarity to a lot of other inflammatory bowel diseases. All layers of the intestine may be involved with the inflammation and a normal healthy bowel can still be found despite all the layers of diseased tissue.


A blood test for Crohns disease tests for anemia which could be a sign that there is bleeding in the intestine. The tests may also uncover a large white blood cell count, indicating that inflammation exists somewhere within the body. Doctors also, along with the blood test for Crohns disease, test stool samples to check for blood or other problems in the stool.

They may also do another test to examine the small intestine. This involves the patient drinking barium and having an X-ray reveal abnormalities or problems in this area. Along with the blood test, doctors can usually tell a lot of information from the barium X-rays.

Fighting Crohns

Fighting Crohns disease can seem to be one long hard battle after another that you may never win, especially if you are exhausted by the blood test for Crohns disease and the other processes that go along with it. You may think that the process will never lead anywhere and that you will never get the help you need, but your doctors are working hard to get you the help you need and can only do that through testing and making sure that you are getting the right investigative sources on the biological evidence that is present in your body.

Following that evidence properly, using the blood test for Crohns disease results effectively, and administering other tests is the best way to find out how to deal with your problem. Without these tests, you are merely guessing as to what is causing you the discomfort and will not have the right tools so as to continue on the path to any formidable recovery and the possibility of a normal life.