Infant blood pressure machine

An infant blood pressure machine is preferred by pediatricians. There are many pieces of equipment that can be used to measure blood pressure in infants, and the main principle in their use is how to use them correctly to ensure a correct reading is obtained. An infant blood pressure machine may have cuffs of variable size that can be changed to be suitable to the child having their blood pressure observed, but it is very important that the right sized cuff is used; otherwise a false reading will be obtained.

It’s very important to keep the child calm whilst they have their blood pressure taken. Most children dislike this procedure as it can be uncomfortable; therefore if any sort of excitation occurs in the infant, this may ultimately cause a false reading. Dolls or other interesting toys can be used to try and keep the infant occupied whilst having their blood pressure taken. It’s also a good idea to let the child explore the machine to try and lessen their fear of it.

Infant blood pressure machines usually have a digital read out, there is no excuse in this day and age especially in western countries for children to have their blood pressure taken with an old fashioned mercury type sphygmomanometer. It would be virtually impossible to take it this way anyway as the child would become very distressed.

Infant blood pressure machine components often comprise washable parts so if the infant soils parts of the machine, they can be cleaned easily. Some parts of infant blood pressure machines are also disposable, which reduces problems with cross infection if the instrument does become soiled.

The infant blood pressure machine should be thoroughly washed every time it is used, If it is not cleaned thoroughly, disease causing pathogens may spread from one child to another, thus creating problems for the infants. The infant blood pressure machine of course should be capable of revealing accurate measurement of blood pressure.

The infant blood pressure machine is supplied with a bag with a double handle which resembles a carry bag in appearance. However, both the valve and the cuff are separate. Velcro strips are usually attached often for easy manipulation.

All people using Infant blood pressure machines should be trained in their correct use. Most firms which produce this type of equipment will gladly give training in it’s usage, after all it is in their best interests to ensure users are happy with the equipment they are providing.