Foods Which Lower Blood Pressure

Foods which lower blood pressure should be consumed by anyone who suffers from or is in danger of raised blood pressure. Drugs are important in reducing the blood pressure, but natural blood pressure lowering foods should be eaten as often as possible.

Garlic as well as onions can lower the blood pressure, as the case with multiple varieties of vegetables. Fish oil can also be included as one of the foods that lower blood pressure.

Increased cholesterol can have an unfavorable impact on the blood pressure as it can encourage it to rise to unhealthy levels. Therefore, low fat dairy food is priority food items suitable for people with increased blood pressure.

Fruit and vegetables are a major part of the blood pressure lowering food group, this includes oranges, potatoes, and cabbage etc. Some of these can also be useful in supplying vitamin C which is also useful in assisting with lowering blood pressure.

Low fat yogurt, cheese without fat or with less fat, low calories cheese, cottage cheese with fat levels of just one per cent are other examples of the few dairy products that have advantage as foods that lower blood pressure. These dairy products are capable of reducing the blood pressure in the hypertensive patients quite effectively, mainly because of the low fat content in them. Therefore it’s important the label of any dairy product is checked carefully for the amount of fat it contains.

Excess alcohol especially on a daily basis can raise the blood pressure; alcohol should always be taken in moderate amounts especially by a person in a hypertensive state.

Foods that lower blood pressure should have the sodium content carefully monitored as sodium is well known to increase blood pressure.

Non-vegetarians should choose meat with less fat. For example, the white meat that comprises chicken or turkey without skin may be considered one of the foods that lower blood pressure. Similarly, egg white may be chosen instead of whole eggs as the yolk is thought to contain high levels of cholesterol.

Calcium and vitamins like vitamin E are usually associated with factors that cause reduction in the blood pressure and omega-3 fatty acids are another food that is considered to be healthy.

Eating a healthy diet which comprises of all the right foods, can have huge benefits to a person with high blood pressure and can often be the deciding factor of whether they need to take hypertensive drugs or not.

You’re never too old to change your lifestyle. and you’ll see the benefits of changing eating patterns not only in the reducing of high blood pressure, but also the added bonus of weight loss.