Birth Control Implants Advantages and Disadvantages

Like every type of contraceptive method implants have their benefits and their detractors. With nearly eleven million worldwide using this method, and more women looking to give it a try, it is important to understand what this contraceptive option offers and at what costs. Deciding on a method of contraception is difficult enough the best of times; an informed decision can make this at least somewhat easier.


The biggest advantage of using implants is that once the implant is in place a woman no longer has to worry about contraception for a period of anywhere from one to five years. She need not worry about taking a daily pill, checking to make sure the IUD is in place or remember when to change the contraceptive patch.

The effective rating on this method is ninety nine percent. That is an excellent rating and provides almost complete coverage against conception. This can give a woman the ability to not have to worry when she is with her lover. When she is not worrying the sexual experience will be a better one.

Fewer Side Effects

This method seems to allow most women to have fewer cramps during menstruation, fewer headaches, and will often diminish breast tenderness. It also seems to help lift the mood swings that women suffer during menstruation.

This method also is good because it does not affect the bone density as some methods do. This is very important for women as if bone density is adversely affected it can result in osteoporosis later in life. Implants also seem to help with a womens acne if she as any. This can be useful for younger women.

Implants are safe for women who are nursing. This makes finding a contraceptive method so much easier for women who want to breastfeed their babies. It is also easily reversible since all that is necessary if a woman changes her mind and wants to have a child is for the sticks to be removed by their health care provider.

STD Protection

The results of a recent study were very impressive. Through seventy thousand cycles women who used one brand of the implant contraceptive remained free of unwanted pregnancies. That shows how well this type of contraception can work.

The biggest concern for some women is that this method offers to protection from sexually transmitted diseases. For many women that is the biggest issue but unfortunately there is nothing gives that reassurance except the man using a condom.


Nonetheless there are some drawbacks to using the implants. Some women find that their menstrual cycle becomes irregular. For some this is a big issue and they must get their health care providers to give them something that can deal with this problem.

Some women find that they gain weight, lose hair or suffer from headaches when they use this method.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a health care provider who knows how to properly put in and remove the implants. As well, the implant area sometimes is painful and can even begin to discolor the skin.

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