Binge Eating following Weight Loss Surgery

Binge eating disorder, also known as emotional eating, is a symptom where one is unable to control the amounts that they are able to eat. This disorder operates at several different levels in relation to ones emotions. There are numerous qualities that are associated with binge eating disorder that may make one to become morbidly obese. If this is the case with you, changing binge eating habits before and after weight loss surgery is extremely important.

Binge eating disorder has several characteristics associated with it. Some will also call this emotional eating. Instead of eating when you are hungry, you will go through episodes of eating when depressed, anxious or when you are not hungry. It will also often times include eating too much or eating quickly. If you have any of these symptoms, it will be important to get the necessary help in relation to the disorder before and after the weight loss surgery.

Emotional Treatments

Because binge eating is caused mostly by an emotional response, it can be balanced by getting the right emotional treatment. Several will use anti-depressants in order to control their binge eating habits. You can also consider getting one of several types of therapies to control your eating.

There are several alternative and traditional therapies that are available for those who are trying to change their eating habits. Often times, it will be found that this uncontrolled eating is related to family, relationship, work or other types of stressful factors. Overcoming these emotional factors will help you to balance your physical success.

Support Yourself

Another step that is important to take with binge eating disorder is to make sure that the right support is offered outside of the therapy you are considering. Family and friends, as well as finding new ways to support yourself in overcoming this disorder will help you to overcome the problem over time. If you cant find support through this, than you can join a support group to find the help that you need.

If you get weight loss surgery and dont get the type of emotional help that you need for a binge eating disorder, it can cause several complications after the surgery. Binge eating disorder will need to be controlled after the surgery.

If not, you will be at a higher risk for health problems as well as risks that are related to after effects of the surgery. Because your stomach is functioning as a smaller entity, it may cause a reversal of the surgery, moving to severe complications.

Knowing that you have a binge eating disorder or are an emotional eater is the first step to changing your health and how you eat. After this acknowledgement, you can begin to take the right steps to change the disorder. If you have been through weight loss surgery, it is especially important to stop eating from emotional responses. By changing this element, you will not only be able to gain control over your life, but will also have a better chance of staying alive.

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