What Is The Best Snoring Remedy?

Do you snore? Or perhaps you dont think you do but your family insists at night you are disrupting their sleep because of your snoring. Whatever the reason youve found yourself here looking for the best snoring remedy, well try to help.

There are several different suggestions for reducing snoring. So what is the deciding factor in finding the best snoring remedy? It may be as simple as that favorite tennis ball.

One simply snoring remedy to elevate your head using pillows. This reduces the chance of your throat muscle blocking your air passage completely, when they relax when you sleep.

Another snoring remedy is to sleep on your side rather than on your back. This forces your tongue and soft palate to fall back, which narrows the airway. When you sleep on your side you will snore a lot less.


You may not see lifestyle changes as a snoring remedy but they can be. Losing a few pounds can make a difference, as can exercising. Abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes can also reduce your snoring.

You should not have a drink before going to bed because the alcohol relaxes the throat muscles, which can cause the airways to become blocked. You should also say avoid tranquilizers, antihistamines, and sleeping pills.

Over The Counter

There are also many over the counter snoring remedies on the market. If you decide to try one the many remedies choosing which snoring remedy you think might work can be a difficult task.

After all, between snoring pills, nasal strips, and throat sprays how do you pick? The internet can help you do your research so that you have the knowledge you need to choose.

Herbal Pills

One snoring remedy that is getting a lot of attention is the herbal anti-snoring pill which contains natural plant enzymes and herbs that stop the nose tissue from swelling which means you will breath easier.

Dr. Harris Original Snore Formula, Ysnore, and Snore Rx are just a couple of the choices available.

Another snoring remedy is the throat spray, which works by coating the soft tissue of the throat and allows the air to move freely which reduces the noisy vibration. Ayr Snore Relieving Throat Spray, and Stop Snoring and Silence are a couple of examples.

Nasal Strips

Last but certainly not least nasal strips have become a very popular snoring remedy because they are drug free, dont require a prescription, they are easy to use, and they work.

These little strips are really as simple as it gets. You get a very mechanical device that is so simple yet so complex. They are available at your local grocery stores, and pharmacies.


If you have a serious snoring and apnea problem then you should see your doctor who will help determine which snoring remedy is best for your. CPAP is a great example of a very effective treatment that doctors often choose to use.

Whether you snore a little or a lot, dont you think your family would enjoy a nice peaceful nights sleep? Why not try a snoring remedy and see the difference it makes?