The Best Massage Therapy School

What makes one massage therapy school better than another? Is it the quality of the facilities? Is it that a more expensive one is better than an affordable one? Could it be the proximity to public transport?

The best massage therapy school is one that has a reputation for turning out well-trained, motivated students who have gone on to achieve career success in their field.

There are some important factors to consider when you are looking for the best massage therapy school for you:

Quality of curriculum

Perhaps you want to learn how to perform massage to enhance your love life. Or perhaps you have your sights set on a career in the massage industry. Either way, its important that you invest your money and your energy in the school that offers the highest quality massage therapy. Its credibility should come in the form of accreditation from the relevant agencies and the school should provide you with certification at the end that is professionally recognized in your field.


Its true that word of mouth is an excellent form of advertising. The best massage therapy school will be one that has people talking about it in a positive way. The students will be delighted with their training, employers will be aware of the school and the standard of students it turns out and the teaching faculty will be happy to work there.

Ask for testimonials from past students and check around with other massage therapists if they know the reputation of the school youre considering.


As with any industry, ethics is an important part of education. You could attend the best massage therapy school in terms of the courses taught, but if they discourage a high standard of ethics, then youd be best looking for an alternative.

Fair and reasonable pricing

There is no such thing as an Ivy League of massage therapy schools. Itd be nice, sure, but while massage therapy is not rocket science, it is a skill that can bring about greatly enhanced wellbeing and health in clients. The best massage therapy school will offer pricing that is in line with what they offer.

Training materials and facilities that are up-to-date and in good repair are vital and a current curriculum that is always evolving to meet the needs of the industry also, of course, provides extra value.

The teaching staff

Its been said that a good school is best measured by its teachers. This is indeed true of massage therapy schools. In an industry that is designed to help others to feel good, the last thing you need is to learn from apathetic, poorly trained educators.

Practical plus theory

Another important factor when seeking out the best massage therapy school for you is to find one that teaches not only the practical applications of massage but also classes in business. You may want to work for an employer but at some point, it may be very useful to know how to run your own business. Leaving your school with a well rounded education is hugely important and allows you to expand your career whenever you choose.

Varied courses

It may or may not be important to you to be trained in a variety of massage techniques. One massage therapy school may focus on so-called ‘alternative healing techniques whereas another might teach more medically-inclined disciplines.

When searching for the best massage therapy school to suit your needs, take all of the above into account, as well as proximity to your home, course fees you can afford and whether the course fits with your outlook on health and healing.