There are two fundamental possibilities for exercising on a treadmill, these are to either walk on it or to run or jog on it. Some will say that it is only truly beneficial if one runs or jogs on the treadmill, but this is simply false, as in regards to what the benefit of treadmill exercise is, the answer is many things, and this refers to both running and walking on the treadmill.

First of all, exercising on a treadmill burns calories. Running on a treadmill burns more calories than jogging does, which in turn burns more calories than walking does. However, the bottom line is that you are burning calories in all cases, and this is what truly matters. Perhaps it may take longer to see results if you are simply constantly walking on the treadmill, but you will see results nonetheless.

Walking on a treadmill is just like walking anywhere else however with this you have the added benefit of being able to control the speed, the incline, and most importantly, the conditions underfoot. In regards to a benefit of treadmill exercise, you can get comparable conditions as you would walking in the mall, for instance, or if you’re determined and set the treadmill to a steep incline, the benefits rival walking up a steep hill.

Walking is thought to be outstanding exercise as well, especially when done for a sustained period of time and when done regularly. Therefore, anybody can reap a benefit of treadmill exercise by setting it on a slow to moderate walk, even older people with limited mobility and pregnant women who are trying to keep healthy in a safe way.

Running is, quite obviously a tremendous form of exercise. The benefit of treadmill exercise at a running pace can be clearly seen when comparing calories burned per hour of activity, as running is said to burn about 700 calories per hour whereas biking is said to only burn about 500 calories per hour.

Of course these estimates vary from one situation to another and should therefore only be taken as estimates, but here again is another benefit of treadmill exercising, which is that most treadmills have counters which show your total calorie burn for the session, as well as the distance traveled, your current speed, and if you clasp your hands around the handle bar, your current heart rate.

These measures of current activity and progress throughout ones session are incredibly beneficial, especially for those exercisers who want to know throughout their workout how hard they are working out and how much of a difference they are making to their bodies.

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