Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The benefit of quitting smoking are that you will totally avoid the Negative impacts of smoking.

The health benefits of quitting smoking are immediate and substantial. Almost immediately:

    A person’s circulation begins to improve and the level of carbon monoxide in their blood begins to decline. Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is found in cigarette smoke. This gas reduces the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

    A person’s pulse rate and blood pressure, which may have been abnormally high when they were smoking regularly, will begin to return to normal.

    Within 30 minutes of your last cigarette, your body will begin to heal itself by starting to remove the toxins from your body.

At first, you will probably feel worse instead of better, because of nicotine withdrawal. However, your body is slowly healing itself and the bad feeling will pass within a few weeks.

Here is a summary of the benefits you will gain from quitting smoking:

You will feel healthier almost straight away. You will have more energy and better focus. Your senses of smell and taste will improve, and food will start tasting good again. You will have whiter teeth and fresher breath, and you will cough less and breathe easier.

You will be healthier for the rest of your life, and you will have a lower risk of developing a range of serious health complications, such as heart attacks, strokes, cataracts, and skin wrinkling, chronic bronchitis, Emphysema, and at least 13 types of cancer.

You will increase your life expectancy, adding healthy, full days to each year of your life.

Your friends, family, kids, and co-workers will be proud of you for quitting.

You will no longer need to regularly go outside and disturb your meal, social event, or work to partake of your habit.

You will feel be proud of yourself and more in control of your life. You will be a better role model for others to follow.

You will no longer expose others to the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Pregnant women will have a healthier baby.

You will have a lot more money to spend because you aren’t spending it on cigarettes.

You will no longer need to worry “When will I get my next smoke ?” when driving, or at work, or on public transport.

You will no longer need to worry “What will I do when I’m in a smoke-free place ?”

After you have quit smoking, you will add healthy, full days to each year of your life.

After 10 to 15 years of having successfully quit smoking, an ex-smokers risk of premature death approaches that of a person who has never smoked.
As well as enormous benefits for yourself, quitting smoking also has benefits for your friends, family, co-workers, and other people around you because you are no longer exposing them to the dangers and risks of second-hand smoke.