Celebrities who do Pilates

celebrity pilates fanThe workout program that is known as pilates boasts numerous benefits to those who seek a form of exercise that can help to increase flexibility and core strength, increasing the tone of the body while not being extremely exerting.

The popularity of the program is due largely to the benefits that it offers, but it was definitely the association of celebrities with the program that helped it to reach the widespread audience that it keeps to this day. In this article, we’ll profile some of the more prominent celebrities that have endorsed pilates so that you can see exactly who benefited from the program and how.


One of the most prominent supporters of pilates and one of the performers who have contributed the most to pilates’ newfound success is the pop artist Madonna. A cultural icon for decades, her body seemingly defies age, and many wondered exactly how she kept in such good shape.

After an accident involving a horse in 2005, Madonna turned to pilates in order to help her to rehabilitate. A strong supporter of yoga, Madonna was shocked by the success that the pilates program afforded her recovery, and she praised the methodology to a great degree.

Madonna attributes to pilates the main reason for the successful rehabilitation of her arm and the joint of her shoulder.


Another female cultural icon that is of major influence in the world of media is Oprah, and she’s also a follower of Joseph Pilates’ methods. She’s struggled with a weight problem throughout her life, and her weight has fluctuated to a large degree.

These days, she participates in an exercise regimen that includes aerobic training, strength training, diet, and pilates. She has stated that she enjoys the pilates program due to its introspective perspective when it comes to bodily movements.

Hollywood and Pilates

While these two women are at the forefront of the pilates craze, it’s not to say that the rest of Hollywood has neglected the program. As a matter of fact, the number of celebrities that undergo the program continues to grow, and it numbers in the hundreds.

While women celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Geller, Julia Roberts, and Susan Sarandon have experienced positive effects from the pilates program, that’s not to say that the exercises can not benefit men.

Male celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Danny Glover, and Rod Stewart swear by the program when it comes to helping them to keep toned and in proper balance.

While pilates isn’t the best exercise program for everybody, there are numerous benefits that it offers that can be truly helpful to those who desire a greater level of tone and flexibility within their body.

If you think that the pilates program is right for you, you can purchase tapes online that can show you the methods. There’s also probably a fitness center near you that offers pilates classes with instructors, which can truly be beneficial to your workout.

Image by Yortw, Creative Commons 2.0 License