Belly Fat Loss

If you have developed a little extra padding around the middle you may have begun to wonder if belly fat loss is possible. The answer is, yes!

The requirements needed to lose belly fat are much like those for losing fat anywhere else on your body. You must diet and exercise, however, there some specific combinations that tend to make belly fat loss faster.

Choosing a Diet

If you want to lose belly fat you must change your diet so that you are able to lose weight overall. To do this you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns daily.

This can be accomplished with any of a number of diet types and the one you choose should be the one that you are most comfortable with. The diet that is best for you is the one you will be able to stick to. You do not need to resort to a fad diet or a diet with extreme restrictions.

Once you figure out the number of calories you need to maintain your body weight you can simply reduce your total daily caloric intake by five hundred to one thousand calories to effectively lose weight. The only caveat to this method is that you should not let your total caloric intake fall below twelve hundred calories.

Choosing an Exercise Regime

In order to blast the belly fat away it is important to engage in aerobic exercise as well as weight lifting. The combination of the two allows you to lose more abdominal fat than if you focused on only one form of exercise. There are a variety aerobic exercises you can participate in.

A few of the aerobic exercises you can do are running, spinning, dancing, or cycling. The important thing is to remember to do whichever activity you choose for sixty minutes three days a week. Then on alternating days you should complete a sixty minute circuit of weight training. By doing these on alternating days you will be working out six consecutive days per week with one day off.


Once you have mastered your diet strategy and exercise routine you have one final step. You must consistently follow your diet and workout regimen. Consistency is the key to belly fat loss. Without it you may be able lose weight but you will not be able to blast the belly fat.

When you are in the midst of a weight loss journey it is important to remember that your goals are attainable. Belly fat loss is possible with proper diet, a good exercise regime, and consistency. Whenever you are tempted to not maintain any of the three components remind yourself that only through persistence will you attain your goals.