Beginners Bodybuilding Regimen

It is easy to stray onto the wrong path because of the many bodybuilding workout programs and advertisements in magazines and the Internet. When you just beginning to body build Do Not use the routine exercises of professional bodybuilders.

Easy Does It

Though it is natural to be enthusiastic at this stage of exercise, begin slowly. In a week your body only needs 3 alternative days of workout. The bodybuilding workout program for beginners has to stress on the following to be successful:

    • The correct exercises
    • The proper technique
    • Breathing technique

The most important part of the bodybuilding workout program for beginners is mastering the technique. You are simply wasting your time if you are wrongly doing the right exercises. You can push your body harder and repeat the suggested number of times after mastering the technique. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about injury.


Exercising comprises gaining muscle mass and bodybuilding nutrition too. The latter is a significant component of your muscle building program. Ideally have five or six small meals daily. You should make the following changes:

    • Stop fats
    • Don’t have refined sugar
    • Drink lots of water
    • Increase your protein intake

Morning is the best time to work out on an empty stomach. As your last meal was probably some 8-10 hours earlier than the exercise, your body needs food after the workout. NEVER miss your post workout meal.

Potatoes, egg whites, rice, banana, pasta, lean red meat, tuna, cottage cheese and turkey should be in our diet. As natural fats like natural peanut butter, olive oil and flaxseed oil have a high content of monounsaturated fats, they are healthy for you.

Warming Up

Before starting on your bodybuilding exercises, warm up. Perform all exercises through their entire range of motion. Resistance on the muscles will be aided by keeping your movements slow and controlled. In the beginning, you may need to rest between exercises.

To build your dream body, you can select from a number of exercises. You need to rotate the exercises for your major muscles to become resistant and to make the exercises work in top form. Switch the order of body parts, change the sets, vary the time between sets and choose different exercises.

Do not instantly start on any bodybuilding supplements. Only after you hit a plateau should the supplements come. This stage is when you are not seeing any results, but doing all the right things.

Never ignore pain though success of bodybuilding is dependent on pushing limits. Do not give up on your small and achievable goals. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not simply about exercise.
Do a physical before you do a bodybuilding workout program for beginners as it is serious business.

Ensure all your organs are perfectly working. If you dream of success in bodybuilding, then the requirements are a healthy heart, liver and kidneys. An important role in bodybuilding is also played by our hormonal balance.