Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms

Bee stings themselves may not be increasing but bee sting allergies are definitely on the rise. The reason why is of great debate among scientists, doctors, and other professionals. Whats more important to you is what bee sting allergy symptoms look like.

When a bee stings you it leaves its stinger in your skin, which delivers poison to your body. Bees sting both people and animals and each react different. Some people no reaction at all while others have severe bee sting allergy symptoms.

Minor Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms

Wondering what the symptoms of bee sting allergy symptoms look like? There can be many symptoms. If youve ever been stung youve experienced that deep burning feeling combined with can only be described as a sharp pinch. It hurts! But thats a common reaction and not necessarily the beginning of a reaction.

Most people can fend of the small amount of poison that a bee injects, but for those that cant you need to know the bee sting allergy symptoms that can arise.

More serious bee sting allergy symptoms include a rash, serious swelling, swollen lips and eyes, hoarseness, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, feeling light headed, and diarrhea.

Providing these symptom remain more of an annoyance than a life threatening situation you can usually deal with them using an antihistamine.

Some of the common bee sting allergy symptom treatments include using Tylenol to reduce the pain, an ice pack on the area to reduce the swelling and redness in about 10 minutes. Benadryl and other similar antihistamines can reduce the swelling and itching.

Serious Bee Sting Allergy Symptoms

With more serious bee sting allergy symptoms you will likely need to seek medical intervention unless you carry an EpiPen, which well talk about shortly. If you experience shortness of breath, swelling of the tongue or throat go directly to emergency as these can be life-threatening conditions. Even if you have never had a reaction to a bee sting before, things can change.

If you experience serious bee sting allergy symptoms your doctor will like prescribe an EpiPen. This pen contains a drug called epinephrine, which is like an antidote.

The epinephrine gets rapidly into the blood stream and acts quickly to stop anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal in just minutes. You should have the EpiPen on you at all times. You just never know when you are going to be stung by a bee.

Avoid Those Pesky Bees

I know, its not like you go looking for those bees and you certainly dont want to be bitten whether you suffer mild bee sting allergy symptoms or serious ones.

But one of the biggest mistakes made is to swing at the little devils, which makes them mad and increases your chance of getting stung. If you are going to swing at a bee use a rolled newspaper to smack them.

Whether you suffer from a minor reaction to a bee sting, or you have major bee sting allergy symptoms, you should be prepared for that bite. Why take the risk?