Bed Wetting Alarm

A bed wetting alarm is a gadget that can installed in a young child’s clothing. It sounds an alarm when wetness is detected, thereby waking him/her. He or she can then be taken to the washroom. This has proved to be most useful in treating bed wetting in children, especially those aged seven and over.

There is more a single type of bed wetting alarms available today. They can be described as follows:

1. Wearable Alarms: these alarms are most popular amongst parents. The gadget can be worn like a clip near the shoulder. With a wire, the alarm itself is connected to the innerwear of the child. When the child wets, the alarm rings near the ear, waking the child immediately. It has been deemed to be very effective as far as bed wetting treatments are concerned.

2. Wireless alarms: this alarm does not have a wire connecting the device and the sensor. Instead, it is a two-piece unit that can be fitted to the child’s clothing. The corresponding alarm can be placed at a different place, at the bedside or farther in the room. This is more practical if the child is not a regular wetter. Also, this is known to be used more by older children and teenagers.

3. Bed Pad: this kind of alarm involves strips that are embedded with a sensor. These can be placed on the bed, below the child. The alarm itself is connected to the side of the bed. The alarm and strips are linked by a wire. This type of alarm is not seen as being very effective because there needs to be good deal of wetness for the sensor to detect it. The child will have finished wetting the bed before the alarm sounds, thereby defeating the purpose. But if children are adamant about not wearing an alarm, this comes to the rescue.

The working of this alarm is rather simple. The alarm usually releases either a sound or a sensation that is guaranteed to wake the child up. It can be fasten to the innerwear of the child or to his pajamas. As soon as any kind of wetness is identified, the alarm will go off, alerting the child. The child eventually gets conditioned to this response to his wetting and learns to use the washroom. The habit of bed wetting ultimately fades away.

Essentially, bed wetting alarms are a boon to young children and parents alike. Theyreduce the trouble of parents having their children sleep in wet beds without their knowledge. There are newer models available today that have a range of alarm sounds. Many of them let parents record their own choice of music and even their voices for the child to wake up to.

Some of them also possess flashing lights. Some of the newer ones have the option of vibration too, along with alarm. A vibrating alarm will augment the response of the child. Makers have kept the vibration to a very gentle mode. It is not harsh and will not startle the child. However, it is a good idea to sleep with the child for the first few nights so that he/she isn’t unnecessarily shocked and can be guided.