Bayer Glucose Meters

Bayer is a leading healthcare company in the world. When it comes to health, people often look towards names that are established and trusted. Bayer can termed as being both. Bayer has had several devices and equipment that have helped making checking blood pressure and diabetic levels at home convenient and easy.

It was Bayer that came up with first portable glucose testing meter ever. One of them is the Bayer Glucose Meter. This meter is considered as the most widely used glucose meter there is the market.

Bayer’s big selling point has always been its simple design and user-friendly functions. They came up with the first meters that did not require coding, simplifying the process and making it easier to test at home. There are two types of meters within the Bayer brand. They are discussed as follows:

1. Breeze 2 Glucose Meter: out of the two, this model is more popular with diabetics. This meter possesses a technology called ‘No Coding.’ With this, the scope for errors via coding is decreased, thereby making it safe and practical for home use. There is also a much higher accuracy rate with this meter. There are additional features in this meter that make it one of the most widely sought. It can store upto 420 previous glucose test results. The device has the capacity to hold multiple strips, as opposed to others that need changing with every test. Each disc has ten strips in it and you test one after the other. The most significant attribute of this meter is that the amount of blood sample required is much smaller than other meters. Therefore, testing becomes easier than before. Also, the pad is simple and ideal for older patients who find multiple keys confusing.

2. Contour Glucose Meter: this is more individualistic in nature. This is because this model is open to customization. There are two variations within this model. The first is the basic model called ‘Ascensia Contour TS’(L1). This one has the basic features of glucose testing as well as sophisticated technology that will increase accuracy.

3. A more progressive mode is with the second advanced model, called Ascensia Contour (L2). The advance model provides for patients who require specific testing settings. This model can store upto 480 previous test results. It also has facilities to monitor the changes in blood sugar levels. You can also find averages that span over a period of a week, fortnight and a month. Another refined feature allows you to compare your glucose levels before and after meals. As a perk, reminders can be set for testing do that you do not forget. One the new features of this meter is its rechargeable battery. It can be charged with a USB or with the Contour wall charger. You can change the brightness of the screen as well.

These three models have sufficient features to fulfill the requirements of almost any diabetic patient. Bayer also provides a software called ‘Glucofacts.’ Patients using any of the Bayer meters have access to this and can download it to keep track of their glucose level and how much it has altered or bettered.