Bariatric Surgery

A lot of people are under the impression that weight loss surgery is a quick fix for losing weight. Unfortunately for those people who are Bariatric (morbidly obese), this type of weight loss surgery can carry its own risks.

There are some in the medical profession who would consider Bariatric surgery to be a life saving operation and indeed in many cases they would be right. On the other hand, due to the very nature of their obesity problem, the surgery itself carries its own risks with some Bariatric patients ultimately dying on the operating table.

Is Bariatric Surgery Cosmetic Surgery?

Bariatric surgery does not come under the same umbrella as cosmetic surgery as the whole point of this surgery is not to particularly enhance a person’s looks, but to ultimately improve their lifespan.

Very careful considerations need to be given to anyone who is considering Bariatric surgery. Surgeons often have a very difficult choice to make as the complications which arise from not only the surgery but also the anaesthesia can put their patient at risk. Usually the surgeon has to weigh up the decisions he makes by deciding whether the patient is more likely to die with or without the surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Decisions

Specific guidelines have to be followed when deciding whether someone is a good candidate for Bariatric surgery and these include considerations such as whether they have

    -Medical problems associated with their obesity,
    -A body mass index of over 40
    -They can prove they have failed on medically supervised conservative diets
    -They are at risk of developing further severe health problems

Any person who is considering Bariatric surgery needs to ask themselves some serious questions, and if possible attend some type of counselling course to ensure they don’t have any unrealistic expectations of what they will be like after their surgery.

No Magic

As stated it should be born in mind that Bariatric surgery is not cosmetic surgery, and people should realise that there is still a long way to go after they have had their procedure.

Many people cling onto ideas such as this and are devastated when they realise their surgery is not going to ultimately change the person that they are. Bariatric surgery does not make you a nicer person and it doesn’t make people like you more

Many Bariatric people are carrying emotional baggage with them and their obesity is part of this baggage. Indeed for some though they may not realise it, it is their justification to hide away from the world and not have to face up to specific problem areas of their life. Having the surgery can sometimes be a rude awakening and often backfires on them with the ultimate consequences of them deliberately sabotaging their weight loss.

For others Bariatric surgery is the option that finally helps them to conquer their obesity problem and is often the jumpstart they need to enhance their lives and their health. This includes a longer lifespan, a better self image and improved self esteem.

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