Back Pain Treatment Overview

The main relief treatment for chronic low back pain is conservative intervention. In other words, jumping into surgery is not advised because many people suffer no back pain yet have degenerative change or aging issues going on in the back region. And other treatment options may offer relief instead.

And according to studies, there is no evidence that points to delayed surgery resulting in increased complications. In fact approximately 80 percent of the cases where surgery was indicated as a solution recovered regardless of the surgery. So whether or not they had it made no difference. Really under 40 percent are reported to have benefited from surgery.

And on the contrary, those people with surgical pasts reported the need for future surgeries, many because their pain actually increased with surgery. So good medical history and physical examination preparation and assessment can go a long way in determining treatment options.

Conservative treatment would include an overall physical and psychological pain-handling program incorporated into the patients lifestyle. It would education and offer training about symptom management; movement and posture strategies, physical therapy, acupuncture, epidural analgesics, pain medication and other associated issues.

Unless back pain is due to an infection, malformation of the back, or tumor, your pain can probably be alleviated by some type of physical treatment. All physical treatments are more effective when done in combination with other treatments.

It is best if you can get a referral from your doctor for physical treatment, and many insurance companies require you to do so before they will pay for treatment. The effectiveness of the various physical treatments varies, and its really up to you as to which you are most comfortable with. The effectiveness of physical treatments is increased when they are combined with exercise.