Exercise for Back Pain Relief

Many people believe that rest is best for a painful back, but actually, what your back really needs when its hurt is exercise. Regular exercise relieves back pain by strengthening and stretching the muscles that support the spine and helps to prevent future injury.

This is a use it or lose it situation: the more you rest, the weaker your back gets, even if it is hurt. Studies have actually shown that you can heal your back pain faster and get back to your regular activities with just two days of rest.

So don’t forget to stay active when your back is bothering you.

Exercise Programs

A new series of videos on DVD could be what you are looking for. They were produced by a former sufferer of chronic back pain and sciatica, Mike Saros. He tells his story and then shows how doing a very simple 12-15 step by step routine once or twice a week eliminated his pain for good. Please take the time to follow this link, read his presentation and then order through the secure order page- you will receive instant acess to the material, and be given a 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but your back pain.

Young Woman Performing Yoga Outdoors

Young Woman Performing Yoga Outdoors

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