Avoiding Wine Hangovers

If you are a wine lover, you probably know that nothing will get you drunk faster than some cheap, red wine. But at the same time, nothing is as guaranteed to give you a hangover the next morning. This often leaves you with a whole new perspective on your bathroom floor and toilet bowl, and a strict resolution to never drink again.

Once the wine starts flowing the next time, however, many people forget that resolution and throw themselves into the moment. It becomes easy to forget the hangover that is sure to follow the next morning.

If you are careful, you can avoid getting a hangover the next time you order up a bottle of merlot. By following a few simple tips you can help ensure that you have a good time that night and the morning after.

Wine Hangover Tips

Drinking water with your wine is one of the best options to feeling better, since the worst of the hangover side effects come from dehydration. So, try to have a glass of water with each glass of wine. This is easy to do at a restaurant, where the servers will keep your glass filled without being asked. At the bar, get in the habit of ordering a glass of water every time you get your wine glass refilled.

If you are heading out straight to the bar, eat dinner before you go. Or, order a few appetizers at the restaurant before drinking your wine. It will take longer for the alcohol to be absorbed, allowing you to keep your wits about you longer and to avoid over-imbibing and paying for it in the morning.

Dont Mix

Be sure to read your prescription drug labels, or talk to your doctor if you drink often. Many prescriptions will say in the warnings that they should not be taken with alcohol. These drugs can increase the affects that alcohol has on your system, but do not think that is a cheap way to get buzzed. The side effects can be quite painful, if not deadly, so read all your labels carefully.

The biggest thing in avoiding a wine hangover is knowing what your limit is. While it is pretty obvious that drinking the entire bottle by yourself is probably going to be regretted in the morning, everyone has their own tolerance levels.

If you constantly have your wine glass being refilled for you, you may not even realize how many drinks you are actually having, and can end up completely smashed before you know what hit you. Try to drink slowly, keep track of the amounts, and know when to say no thanks.

All in all, the only way to completely guarantee a hangover free morning is to avoid the wine and other alcoholic beverages entirely. If that takes the fun out of it for you, feel free to enjoy yourself. Just do so responsibly, watching what, how, and how much you are drinking, and you will have a better shot of being able to make it through the following day.