Pampering yourself with a foot spa and pedicure can be a great treat. However, sometimes you may get more than you bargained for and end up coming home with an infection. If you ever read or watch the news, every so often you will hear of reports of nail salons that have an outbreak of infections occur. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are safe yourself!

Protecting Yourself

Feet are particularly susceptible to injury and often times, you do not even think about a little nick from a rock or from stubbing your toe. However, whenever there is the slightest bit of broken skin, infection can find its way in. Inspect your feet prior to your pedicure spa appointment. If you have any broken skin, cancel your appointment for a later time.

If you have a pedicure spa appointment coming up, do not shave, wax or use a depilatory on your legs 24-48 hours beforehand. In addition, other skin problems should also prevent you from keeping your appointment such as poison ivy, bruising, scabbing, and even bug bites. Should contaminated water from a foot spa bath come into contact with any broken skin, you are just courting infection. ** Main Cause of Infections with Pedicure Spas**

It makes sense that bacteria that is naturally found in soil and water can make its way into a footbath. People can easily carry them on their own feet without their knowledge. The reason why these pedicure footbaths are a potential source of infection is that there are screens and parts of the foot bath that are quite easy for bacteria to collect in and hard to clean. Picture your feet in a swirling pedicure foot bath with all of these bacteria floating around, worming their way into your body.

Ensuring a Clean and Healthy Pedicure Spa Experience

Talk with the workers in the salon and ask them when the foot spas and pedicure equipment where last cleaned and how they maintain them. Foot spas should be disinfected after each customer use and once before closing for the day. Disinfecting the foot spas and pedicure equipment is the primary way to prevent infection.

There are always exceptions to every rule so you should know what to look for in the event you believe you contracted an infection as a result of your spa visit. Wherever your feet soaked, you may develop open sores. Looking like bug bites at first; they could grow larger and become more infected over time with the appearance of pus. Getting treatment at the first sign of any sore, especially after a recent pedicure spa visit, is essential to avoid possible scarring or a worse infection.

If you are in the least bit apprehensive, do not get your foot spa pedicure. Always ask about the salons disinfectant rituals and look for a sign that the salon has successfully passed inspection by the local health governing authority. Just remember its your life and a simple infection can easily turn into something a lot worse. Therefore, always check into safety and health violations before setting that pedicure spa appointment.

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