Avodart for Baldness

Hair loss treatment is a business that is second only to the weight loss industry in the outlandish claims individual sellers and their agents will make. In addition to the foregoing, just like weight loss patients clamoring to try the latest and the greatest, and disregarding the documented dangers of side effects, those seeking to grow hair on bald pates will endure almost anything to have their tresses back – but will they accept impotence?

Avodart has been mentioned in the same sentence as male baldness treatment, and for good reason. The medicine is a prescription drug that was created to treat an enlarged prostate. Much like Propecia, Avodart had the interesting and noteworthy side effect of re-growing hair on heads affected by male pattern baldness, and those who underwent experimental treatment for an enlarged prostate left the study with hair loss halted, and actual hair growing once more!

While the drug called Avodart cures enlarged prostates, treats baldness, causes impotence, and in many ways mimics the effects and even side effects of Propecia, studies that have taken place with the latter have been halted on the former as simply a waste of funds. More than the start of the clinical trials, it was the abrupt end of them that suddenly made the term Avodart a hot search topic on Internet search engines worldwide and led to copious Internet rumors making the drug more effective, and even calling it a super drug, that would grow hair on bald heads that have been bald for years.

Side Effects

Side effects of Avodart – even the one that suggested that the drug was known to cause impotence – did not deter the thousands of hopefuls who would flock to their physicians in search for the drug. Yet since many a physician was hesitating to prescribe Avodart for off label use, those determined to realize the hair growing benefits turned to the Internet where unscrupulous online vendors set up make believe pharmacies that would not require a doctor’s prescription but instead would make it known that those patients who could answer their online questionnaires properly would indeed qualify to purchase the drug.

Answers to the Avodart online questionnaires were making the rounds online and many a man signed up and received the drug for the off label use. Unfortunately, the failure to undergo physician supervision while taking this medicine makes it hard to truly ascertain how many cases of impotence were reported, how well the hair growth truly took place, and whether or not other side effects were noticed.

Those thinking of using the drug in an off label capacity will be wise to consult with their physician and not engage in such dubious activities without physician approval or monitoring! Incidentally, the effectiveness on female hair loss, the danger to women of childbearing years, and of course the actual side effects experienced by women have not been studied and it is of vital important to not use such a drug which might be as dangerous – if not more so – to women as Propecia has been shown to be.