Massage for Arthritis Relief

Treat yourself to a massage to relief painful stress. Arthritic patients have found that massage therapy and gentle stretching helps to relieve pain, relax muscles, reduce swelling and aid in range of motion in joints. No funds available? Check out a library book on how to give yourself a message. Here are some basic guidelines.

For Osteoarthritis:

Gently massage around the painful area with a little vegetable oil or massage oil on your fingertips, making small, gentle circles with your fingertips. Avoid massaging directly on the joint. Instead, work right above and below it with your fingertips. Repeat daily for three to five minutes each time.

For rheumatoid arthritis:

Apply oil or cream to your fingers and use a rhythmic or effleurage massage on the muscle and tissue around the afflicted joint. Repeat daily for five to 10 minutes each time.